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EVVENTE designs and creates weddings that reflects the couples personalities.  From the moment your guests receive their save the dates, to the food, service, music, and design choices, we want your celebration to touch on all of the senses. The main focus of our company is our bespoke luxury wedding planning, design and management service. We assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations. Our personal approach ensures the weddings we plan are meaningful and truly reflect our clients as individuals, as couples, and states something about their shared values and sense of style. Great weddings are all about people and we always work with the guest experience in mind. Every event tells a story, let us tell yours!!!

1. Wedding Planning.
2. Budget management for wedding.
3. Wedding menu planning.
4. Wedding venues & locations.
5. Wedding design & decor.
6. Vendor management.
7. Pre wedding functions.
8. Bachelor party.
9. Sangeet ceremony.
10.Traditional indian wedding ceremonies.
11.Wedding choreography.
12.Pre wedding shoots.
13.Cinematic videography & photography.
14.Transportation & logistics.
15.Out of town wedding guests.
16.Luxury destination weddings.
17.Bride & Groom entry.
18.Jaimala themes.
19.Wedding catering.
20.Traditional wedding band.
21.Vintage car.
22.Wedding Safa.
23.Female DJ’s.
24.Wedding Doli.
25.Wedding invitations.
26.Male/Female bartenders ( both indian & foreigner ).
28.Hukka Girls.
29.Favors & return gifts.
30.Magic mirror photo booth and customized selfie booth.
31.Fog curtain / Fog screen for weddings.
32.Dry ice fog machine.
33.Bouncers for hire.
34.Wedding Baggi.
35.Helicopter for wedding.
36.Bridal styling ( makeup & hair ).
37.Punjabi Bhangra.
38.Welcome girls.
39.Wedding car decor.
40.LED bar setup.
41.Honeymoon packages & bookings.

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