Engagement Parties

An engagement party is the first true public celebration of your newly engaged status. There is no obligation to host a party, but it is a wonderful way to introduce each side of the family, along with different groups of friends, in order to get to one another in a more casual setting. Engagement is the coming together of two individual souls in a wedding; with their individual fate and destinies married to the timeless mysteries of the eternal soul; praying for union of their hearts and minds.

The engagement ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in Indian cultures where the would-be-bride and the bridegroom-to-be come face to face and are formally betrothed to each other by their families.

Now that you’ve decided to get hitched and ride off into the sunset together, let the family and friends know it in a fashion, too, why don’t you? An engagement party will be one such affair to announce your plans to begin a life together, to your near and dear ones.

That's exactly where EVVENTE steps in to make your event a simple and intimate affair or go all out and trumpet to the world, “I’m getting married!”

As at the end of the day, an engagement party is exactly what it sounds like: a party to celebrate the engaged couple and their upcoming wedding. Think of it as the official kick-off to your wedding festivities.

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